Garnet MacLaine
Garnet profile
Name in Japanese ガーネット・マクレーン
Rōmaji Translation Gānetto Makurēn
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Aya Hirano
Voice Actor (English) Lydia Mackay
Personal Info
Gender Female
Race Dragon
Affiliation Gillard New Emirates

Garnet MacLaine (ガーネット・マクレーン Gānetto Makurēn) is a major in the Gillard military, who is mainly after the secret behind the Resonance process. She does not let her feelings get in the way of her duties,[1] and is revealed to be a Dragon who had resonated with Asim fifteen years ago.


She is extremely skilled with a katana, which she always carries with her ever since she visited Japan.[1]

It is suspected that Garnet was complicit in the death of Asim's Older Brother. Possibly on orders from the younger prince himself.


Garnet is a tan skinned woman with a violet hair and eyes of different colors; green and red, which identifies that she's a dragon. The most noticed feature of Garnet is her big breasts and she wears a brown Gillard military uniform which exposes her cleavage.


She and Asim are later engulfed in an explosion created by Gio, and are presumed dead, though they are shown to have merged with Thanatos a year later.