Dragonaut -The Resonance- Episode 02
Tryst -The World Starts Moving-
Name in Japanese 逢瀬 —動き出す世界—
Rōmaji Translation Ōse —Ugokidasu Sekai—
Release Date October 10, 2007
Production Staff
Screenplay Atsushi Maekawa
Storyboard Manabu Ono
Episode Director Takashi Yamana
Episode Navigation
Previous Dragonaut -The Resonance- Episode 01
Next Dragonaut -The Resonance- Episode 03

Tryst -The World Starts Moving- (逢瀬 —動き出す世界—, Ōse —Ugokidasu Sekai—) is the second episode of the anime series Dragonaut -The Resonance-. The episode was first aired on October 10, 2007.







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